Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet the Partners Part II

Hummer Construction Resources (HCR)

HCR is based in Roanoke, VA. HCR brings 25+ years of hands on mechanical, electrical and plumbing experience to the table. Like the rest of the team, our approach to building diagnostics is more of a practical evaluation that starts by employing technicians who were "raised in the field" and know their MEP systems inside and out. Whether you need electrical evaluation, mechanical commissioning or have indoor air quality issues, HCR can diagnose your problem and give you options on how to best remedy your situation. We help our clients get the most of their facilities and we call that value!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet the Partners of HICAPS Building Diagnostics

The cornerstone of HICAPS (Hood Information Control and Planning Systems) for the past 25 years has been CPM Scheduling and Project Controls. It is still our firm belief that good information, controls and planning give every project the highest chance of success. In 2007 we added another service as a natural outgrowth of our other areas of expertise. Building Diagnostics is something HICAPS’ has done as part of our claims resolution services and was a natural fit. As part of the best value concept we wanted to offer a one stop shopping approach. When we made the commitment to make Building Diagnostics a mainstay service, we reached out to the known experts that we had worked with in the past and invited them to become partners in a cooperative effort. We are proud of our association with FCG (Facility Consulting Group), HCR (Hummer Construction Resources) and West and Stem Architects.

We wanted to introduce you to our partners and decided that we would post a bio on each of our partners. We will focus our next three blogs on our partners, beginning with Facility Consulting Group (FCG). FCG has been in business since 1993. Their role in HICAPS Building Diagnostic Services is primarily the roof areas. Using thermographic imaging equipment to locate faulty electrical panels and equipment within the building. Infrared Thermography is an important aspect of building diagnostic services. Using this technique deteriorating components can be indentified prior to failure. Moisture is one of the major factors to be considered in building diagnostic surveys. Once moisture makes its way into building materials, structural integrity deteriorates and becomes a breeding ground for mold. Our goal is to help preserve buildings and equipment through preventive maintenance. This is accomplished through a dedicated staff of trained, experienced professionals with the ability to assess and evaluate entire facilities using state of the art methods and equipment.

FCG decided to become a partner based on the strength that each of the companies brings to the group.
The dark area indicates a moisture issue.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Canstruction Project

“The SAME Ol’ Team” which represented the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Cape Fear Post constructed “Canned Castle” out of approximately 200 cans that were donated from various local companies and citizens. Daniel K. Hood, HICAPS, Inc. employee, and treasurer of the SAME post assisted in the collection, coordination, and final “canstruction” efforts. Canstruction is a design/build competition to build structures from full cans of food. The structures were constructed at Independence Mall for the public to view from Aug 29 - Sept 9, and afterwards, the food is donated to local food banks. This was both the first time that Wilmington’s AIA hosted such an event and the SAME chapter’s participation thereof. Daniel and his SAME Ol’ Team teammates learned much from the experience and are already discussing how they will create a more impressive structure at next year’s competition.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Market Garage-City of Roanoke

Rendering Northeast View

East View

HICAPS is working with Branch and Associates to provide a Face Uplift and Facility Expansion.
Architect: Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce
Branch Project Manager: Tim Wheeler
Superintendent: Wayne Duckett
Engineer/Sutton Kennerly: John Mancuso

This project involves selective demolition, minor lighting and electrical upgrades, a new facade and the addition of a six story, 22,000 square foot parking deck addition. The structure is post tensioned reinforced concrete. The facade renovation will include a mixture of ground face block, brick and EIFS which will be combined to accentuate the existing pre-cast on the south and east elevations. New windows will be installed as will louvers and storefronts to complete the exterior renovations. The current garage entrance will be relocated to the southwest corner and vehicles will enter and exit the garage through the alley on the west side of the structure. There will also be tenant space available for future fit-up at the ground level on the north. And the new parking deck addition will allow for seventy additional parkers.